2 May 2017

CONIDIA will focus on molds at the Charles River Seminar June 6 to 08, 2017
Molds are sexy but how to detect them, cultivate them and identify them?


CONIDIA is invited by Charles River to present molds in all their states. Sébastien Vacher, Ph.D. in Microbiology and Manager of CONIDIA, will give a lecture at each stage of the Charles River seminar scheduled for June 6th in LYON, on June 7th in TOULOUSE and on June 8th in PARIS.


The molds will be presented in all positions, as well as the means to isolate, to cultivate and to identify them.


During this particularly rich seminar, numerous testimonies on microbial detection will be presented.


For more information and to register: contact@conidia.fr