Client cases

Assistance in product certification process

The bio-based materials are materials derived from plant or animal biomass today take momentum in new construction or renovation. Whether in the main structure with eg hemp concrete  or for insulation with wood wool or sheep. These materials have specific mechanical, physical and microbiological properties that require accurate studies.  As part of the development of a new product […]

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Reducing the biodegradability of products

All materials generally have complex assemblies of raw materials (eg, plasticizers, diluents, stabilizers, surfactants …). The assembly of these molecules allowing to obtain products stable in time. However, during their use, customers sometimes detect the developments of microorganisms including moulds on these products. This is the case especially in hot and humid regions (tropics), but also in […]

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Damages on goods during shipping

Transport over long periods of overseas products generates the possible development of mould on them especially during sea transport. For many years, certain sensitive products (made from leather or similar) could be protected by substances such as dimethyl fumarate. This molecule has antifungal activity and is used in particular in the countries of Southeast Asia, for seed , textiles […]

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