Sudy of the fungal resistances




CONIPHY was created specifically to meet the needs of manufacturers, cooperatives and users on issues of development of resistance of the diseases against fungicides.


Today we offer the realization of monitorings on many modes of action (QOIs, SDHIs, DMIs …) through biological or molecular biology tests. Thus CONIPHY is working on major pathogens of the vine (mildew, powdery mildew, Botrytis …), cereals (wheat and Septoria tritici blotch on wheat, barley net blotch by Pyrenophora teres) and potatoes (mildew and Alternaria).



The main contribution: early results for decisions upstream


Mastering monitoring methods allows CONIPHY to produce results in timings compatible with the requirements of treatment campaigns. Thus, we are able to produce results in September for septoria and helmintosporiose and the month of October-November to mildew and powdery mildew.


Monitorings on populations

We also provide in most cases an innovative approach of monitoring working on pathogenic microorganisms populations and not just strain. Therefore, the information allows to have a fine view of the emergence and evolution of sensitivity losses of populations with respect to modes of action. At the scale of a plot, a cooperative or an agricultural region, the aggregate data provide accurate photographs of the evolution of the behavior of pathogens season after season.


 Innovation as motor

With a team controlling all aspects of pathogens culture In Vivo and In Vitro, CONIPHY also developed methods for early detection of diseases before apparition of symptoms. Thus this type of long-term projects require R & D, lab validation and field trials, we have developed an additional aid decision tool for the deployment of treatments.

CONIPHY  is a key partner for your mastery of management of modes of action, molecules and crops


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