Isabelle Dubois-Brugger


How did you know CONIDIA ? What was you original question?

We work with CONIDIA for over 10 years on activities of concern for the LAFARGE Research Center (plasterboard and concrete). Our initial problem was the development of molds on the materials.


How could you characterize the approach of CONIDIA and the quality of the proposals  ?

The approach is professional, competent and listening to the customer. Moreover there is a very high technological expertise in microbiology with responsiveness.


how was the mission (methodology, resources used, quality of feedback…) ?

The methodology is very clear. There is first a bibliographic study on the problem statement then quickly an implementation of the appropriate tests.
We appreciated restitution in face-to-face with a precise and educational explanation, timeliness and quality of the works.


Can you describe the final report ?

The final report consisted of a bibliographical part, methodology, results, assumptions and conclusions. He was accessible and was well illustrated. We retain a very good work with a high degree of expertise.

 Isabelle Dubois-Brugger


Was this intervention helpful for your business? Do you continue to work with CONIDIA? What for ?

Today we continue to work with CONIDIA. It is a partner with which we have established trust with whom we work regularly. Recently we have entrusted them 2 new missions.


Can you quantify it in terms of profit for your business/activity ?

Work with CONIDIA helped us develop material solution (plasterboard). We also got to create a sales pitch and ensure the promotion of our products through a tangible study.


If you had to recommend CONIDIA, what are the first three arguments would you use?

  • Expertise
  • Listening
  • Responsiveness and professionalism