Crop diseases and fungicides

Monitor agricultural crop pathogens for resistance to fungicides

Crop diseases and fungicides

Monitor agricultural crop pathogens for resistance to fungicides

Whatever their mode of action, fungicides are challenged and it is now necessary to obtain independent scientific data to justify their use on agricultural crops (cereals, vines, potatoes, etc.).

As a manufacturer of fungicides or biocontrol solutions, you have the obligation to prove the effectiveness of your products in real conditions and for a specific mode of action.

As agricultural cooperatives, you are guaranteed to collect regional information on the appearance and evolution of resistance across a territory so that fungal treatments are adapted.


CONIPHY is a lab dedicated to the Crop diseases and fungicides activity.

Our work on populations of pathogens and our knowledge of plants, gives us cutting-edge and unique expertise.

We conduct studies in the laboratory according to standardized methods both on conventional products and on bio-control solutions. Within this platform, to which a greenhouse for the production of plants is coupled, we offer the following services


In vitro efficacy study:

The nature of the service is defined according to 3 factors: type of crop / disease / modes of action of the fungicide (eg wheat / Septoria tritici / SdhI or vine / plasmopara viticola / QoSi). Following this definition, the reference methods are either microbiological in vivo or in vitro coupled with image analysis or molecular biology: (qPCR and pyrosequencing).

Resistance Monitoring :

Coniphy works on post-approval products to monitor the percentages of resistance in populations AND / OR in pre-approval:

Definition of a baseline, that is to say the level of sensitivity of populations soon to be exposed to the product with tests which will become reference methods.



Vine Mildew

Vine powdery Mildew


To find out more about our technical resources 

To find out more about our
technical resources



You are a fungicide manufacturer, with Coniphy you

  • Have access to reference methods used in a standardized way by the greatest number of actors (FRAC)
  • Get results from an independent laboratory
  • Make your pre- or post-approval files more reliable

You manage an agricultural cooperative, with Coniphy you

  • Obtain early results over the season and, thanks to regional monitoring, you effectively plan next protection campaigns.
  • Effectively advise farmers on the most effective products based on scientific data.

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