Indoor air quality

The security guarantee for your employees and your products

Indoor air quality

The security guarantee for your employees and your products

Across all activities, air quality is a determining factor that impacts health and products.

In tertiary activities, good air quality has a positive impact on the health of your employees and contributes to their well-being

In the industrial sector (agro-food, textiles, etc.), air analysis can help you understand the causes of microbiological degradation of a product during its production or next stages (storage, shipment, etc.)

Finally, in the storage of archives or works of art, the management of good microbiological air quality is essential to protect collections from possible microbial development.


CONIDIA has a specific unit for the “Indoor air quality” activity under the brand name CONIDAIR.

We offer comprehensive management of the microbiological air analysis chain (from sampling to the supplying of the report including recommendations).

Our services include:

  • Performing on-site audits after a preliminary phase which will make it possible to define the sampling points to be carried out as well as the means (equipment, culture medium, etc.).
  • Sampling (on solid or liquid media) by our dedicated team.
  • Air analysis in our laboratory using classical microbiological or molecular biology methods. The combination of on-site observations during sampling and laboratory results provide you with a clear and detailed report.

To find out more about our technical resources 

To find out more about our
technical resources


Advice provided by an independent expert able to respond to your questions by implementing recognized scientific methods.

A detailed report to easily implement the corrective or preventive actions.

Operational support to deploy the recommended actions and monitor their effectiveness.

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