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The specialist in the microbiology of your environments

CONIDIA LAB is your EXPERT PARTNER in the assessment and control of microbiological contamination (molds, yeasts, bacteria and algae).

As an independent consulting laboratory, we offer tailor-made, high-quality support in line with regulatory and environmental requirements. Our dedicated scientific teams develop specific approaches adapted to the needs of each client in many areas of application. Sampling, analysis, identification and advice are the heart of our business. Our culture of service and our thirst for innovation are two pillars that fuel our thinking and our projects to meet your challenges and anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

Our business fields

Conformity of building

Industrial microbiological

Indoor air quality

Crop diseases and

Management of polluted
sites and soils


CE-IVD labeling of Id-Fungi-Plates

We are proud to announce the CE-IVD labeling of IDFP and IDFP+!

COVID-19 CONIDIA et CONIPHY se mobilisent pour vous

CONIDIA and CONIPHY are mobilizing for you

During this period that we could describe as “unstable” microbiologically, we set up a rotating service allowing us to continue to respond to your requests  and to ensure the laboratory work.

Coniphy in the 19th Reinhardsbrunn-symposium on modern fungicides and anti-fungal compounds

CONIPHY presented results on Plasmopara viticola resistance to complex III inhibitors

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