Device for rapid identification of molds
and dermatophytes by MALDI-TOF

The vocation of the Id fungi plates: To make the fungal identification universal by Maldi-Tof.

The innovation of our device is based on two key elements: a unique membrane which makes it possible to limit the contact of the sample with the agar as well as a specific culture medium with an optimized composition and pH.

More speed

Results in 24H-48H after incubation for filamentous mold

More productivity

Loss reduction: + 20% of samples identified
vs a conventional medium from
the 1st trial (direct deposit)

More identification

2′ instead of 20′ 
for 10 identifications

Our tests with partner laboratories have enabled us to highlight an overall reduction in the cost of the analysis (reagents and human time) compared to conventional methods


vs culture on classical medium (example: Sabouraud / CAN2)

A workflow as
simple and efficient

as for bacterial identification
by Maldi-Tof

Complex sample deposit

Complex sample deposit



Deposit on target

Deposit on target

ID Fungi Plate is a device that has already found various applications in different market segments and brings strong benefits to its users

Human and animal health

Improved reliability
in identifying infection

Speed in reporting results for
improved patient care

A simplified protocol for
the comfort of technicians

Industrial control
(pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food industry)

Optimized reactivity in the event of contamination thanks to the speed of the workflow

(Re) integration of analyzes
and internal control of results

Ease of implementation and duplicable method on different sites / laboratories


Easier implementation of your internal spectrum databases

Better standardization
of your tests

A gain in precision in the
characterization of your strains